Vibration Foam Rollers help you recover quicker!

As a recent invention, more and more research is surfacing about the powerful effects of vibrating foam rollers. In this 2019 study, researchers looked at how vibrating foam rollers can assist your recovery from exercise.

This would have been a painful study to volunteer for. Participants were put through a series of tests, then asked to perform 10 sets of 10 squats with the specific aim of inducing muscle damage. Before being retested, they were either given a normal foam roller or a vibrating foam roller.

Those who were given the vibrating foam roller performed significantly better when retested. They reported lower overall pain scores, and lower pain when subjected to pressure on different muscles in the thigh to test for inflammation and tenderness.

They also performed better in tests measuring range of motion (flexibility), something we have seen before in other studies.

To read the full study click here.

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