Can Therabands Reduce Risk of Injury?

According to the findings of studies assessing the effectiveness of therabands, the answer is yes. A group of national ranked sportspeople were given a 6 week exercise program, doing the program 3 times a week. They were taken through a series of tests before commencing and then after the 6 weeks to assess the effect of the training.

The results were pretty impressive. A large number of important performance measures for their sport improved, which was expected based on previous studies results. But what surprised the researchers was the additional benefits the athletes obtained.

Here is a quote for the study which sums it up best:

“The present results showed that a short- term training program for young tennis players, using minimum equipment and effort, can result in improved tennis performance (i.e., serve velocity) and a reduction in the risk of a possible overuse injury“.

To see our video library of theraband exercises, click here.

And to read the full article click here. 


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