How Does Balance Increase Your Longevity?

Your ability to stand on one leg is one of the best indicators we have for how long you are going to live.

A study published in the British Medical Journal earlier this year found that among 53-year-old men and women, their ability to do these simple activities was an indicator of premature death.Subjects were asked to stand for as long as possible on one leg with their eyes closed. They were timed using a stopwatch.

The healthiest men and women managed to stand on one leg for longer than 10 seconds while those with the highest risk of early death could only manage to balance for three seconds.

The results from all of these tests were then used to calculate an overall score. pusThose with the lowest score were five times more likely to die within the 13 year study period than those with the highest score

In the standing on one leg with eyes closed test, men and women able to hold the position for less than two seconds were three times more likely to die than those who could hold it for ten seconds or more.

Those people unable to do the test at all were around 12 times more likely to die in the following 13 years.

Two great exercises to improve balance are Single Leg Standing, and Tightrope Walking. Both of these exercises feature on our Rejuvenation Mat.

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