Can kids get RSI?

Absolutely they can. More and more kids are using laptops, tablets and smart phones than ever before. The real problem is the LENGTH OF TIME that these devices are used. A little use here and there is fine, but with extended use comes fatigue, which causes slumping. And this can have lasting impacts on their posture and cause them injuries like “Gamers Thumb” or “Tech Neck”.

The idea that to perform better academically one has to spend more and more time studying has been disproven. Prolonged studying leads to musculo-skeletal tension that decreases the amount of blood flow to their brains and actually reduces how productive kids are after a certain period. 

It also leads to the development of a large number of musculo-skeletal pain conditions. Lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), carpal tunnel syndrome and eye-strain are but a few of the injuries linked with poor ergonomics. 

Furthermore it comes at the expense of spending time playing or exercising, both of which have been shown to improve cognitive function, as well as improve social skills, self-esteem, and general health.

Kids are being pushed harder than ever before. According to the Australian Rheumatology Association,

  • 79.1% of children say their backpacks feel heavy,
  • 65.7% report feeling fatigued by the weight of their backpack, and
  • 46.1% report back pain caused by their backpack. 

One way to combat poor posture is with a foam roller. Foam rolling is a fantastic way to increase the mobility of your upper back, reversing the effects of prolonged sitting. The Sanarte Doble Roller is perfect for students – if they are not ready for the firmer outer roller, they can start with the softer, smaller inner roller as a way to introduce foam rolling softly and gently. Check it out by clicking this link.

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