Should kids take “Study Breaks”?

Children should take regular breaks because the longer people sit in a certain position the more they slump. Slumping is a key contributor to back pain and headaches, but it also causes neck tension that can affect blood flow and oxygen to the brain. 

One researcher summarised the results of 558 previous studies on this topic between 1966 and 2005 and concluded that the most consistent finding was the association observed between the amount of time spent in a position and the development of musculoskeletal injuries.

This means the length of time people sit for may be even more important than the position they sit in. 

Another important consideration is eyestrain, especially when using computers.

Ergonomics specialists recommend the “20/20/20” rule – every 20 minutes look at something 20 metres away for 20 seconds to give your eyes a rest.

What they do in their break is important too. The evidence supports the idea that people should be active rather than passive, meaning they should get up and do something, not just move from one seat to another one.

Studies have shown that brief periods of movement such as jumping or stretching can help increase blood flow to the brain and improve children’s concentration.

We recommend a variety of stretches in a couple of different positions, including on the floor, in a chair, and standing up, as apart from the relief stretching will provide, moving to different positions will get them moving and promote better blood flow. 

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