What’s the BEST way to pack a backpack?

Studies have been done on teenage students comparing the effect of wearing backpacks on one or both shoulder.

The studies, which involved taking measurements of spinal angles and curvatures, found that wearing a backpack on just one shoulder increases upper back pain, lower back pain, spinal curvatures, and stress on the shoulders and neck. 

What children do during the adolescent years can have a pronounced effect on their adult health.

Teenagers who suffer from back pain are more likely to experience chronic back conditions later in life. 

The backpack should be adjusted so that the bottom of the bag sits just above the waistline; lower than this places strain on the shoulders, back and neck.

The backpack should always be worn on both shoulders. 

Pack the heaviest items closest to their back as the further they are away from their spine the greater the influence heavy items can have on their centre of gravity.

Don’t buy a backpack that is too large as this promotes putting lots of things in it. 

Set a good example for your kids by teaching them how to lift their bag properly, bending at the knees rather than the back and lifting it with both arms, and help them put it on if necessary.

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