Painkilling Injection? Exercising is MORE Effective!

A new study has shed light on the effects of painkilling injections on our bodies. It was previously thought that if your pain was considerable, you may as well try the injection – if it works, great! And if it doesn’t work, no big deal, you can try something else instead.

An article published on the site reported that this is not the full story. Here is a direct quote form the article:

Study leader Dr Ali Guermazi, of Boston University School of Medicine in the US, said: “We’ve been telling patients that even if these injections don’t relieve your pain, they’re not going to hurt you. But now we suspect that this is not necessarily the case.”

We are now seeing these injections can be very harmful to the joints with serious complications.

How bad are the complications? Really bad. Here is another quote from the article to paint the picture:

“A study by Boston University School of Medicine found that the treatment could speed up a joint’s disintegration and force patients to have total knee or hip replacements.”

“Researchers found 10 per cent of their patients given injections in the hips in 2018 suffered complications, along with four per cent of those who had the jabs in the knees.”

“These can include stress fractures, progressive osteoarthritis or even the collapse of joints.”

“Dr Guermazi said: “Physicians do not commonly tell patients about the possibility of joint collapse or subchondral insufficiency fractures that may lead to earlier total hip or knee replacement.

“What we wanted to do with our paper is to tell physicians and patients to be careful, because these injections are likely not as safe as we thought.”

So what are your other options? Stretching and strengthening exercises – exercise plans will help strengthen and stabilise the joint, as well as improve range of motion. To be honest, even if you get the injection, you will need to do this kind of rehab anyway – the injection really just buys you a bit of pain relief so you can get to work rehabilitating your injury.

And talk to your health practitioner – they can help guide you on the right combination of treatment and home exercises to get you back on track.

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