Supporting Clean Water Initiatives

At Sanarte, we are all about 360 degree wellness. Your physical wellbeing affects your mental wellbeing, and your spiritual wellbeing, and so on. Our motto is “Putting Your Health in Your Hands”, and we try to teach you ways to better look after yourself.

One of our best selling products is our Hydration Cannister. It’s a 600ml stainless steel water bottle / foam roller in one. Perfect to keep you hydrated during exercise or when travelling, and to keep you loose and moving well at the same time!

One of the best proven ways to improve your happiness is to give. And so we decided to support The Water Project, with a portion of sales of our Hydration Cannister being donated monthly.

The importance of clean water is well known.

The reason we chose to support The Water Project is because they don’t just go in and do the work. They employ and train locals in these projects, which ultimately empowers the local communities to maintain them going forward, and help other nearby areas as well.

To learn more about the great work they do at The Water Project, click this link.

And to check out our Hydration Cannister, click this link.

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