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Our Osteopath Dr Christopher Jones put together a daily schedule to help people incorporate more movement into their day. Working from an office, or anywhere that is not your home, requires a certain amount of incidental exercise. You might have to walk to a bus stop, or from a train station to your workplace. You might pop out for a coffee mid morning, or out to get

Wow, that’s a pretty big call. When I first saw this study I thought it sounded a bit ridiculous. Just being excessively slumped is associated with dying earlier? Sounded a bit dramatic. Then I read the study, and a few other studies on this topic. Slumping forward is one of those things that tends to happen as we age. I’m sure you have seen older people walking

Sanarte exists to make a better you. Paired with professional support we enable all people to have an active role in the self-management of their physical wellbeing.

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