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Children should take regular breaks because the longer people sit in a certain position the more they slump. Slumping is a key contributor to back pain and headaches, but it also causes neck tension that can affect blood flow and oxygen to the brain.  One researcher summarised the results of 558 previous studies on this topic between 1966 and 2005 and concluded that the most consistent finding

Studies have been done on teenage students comparing the effect of wearing backpacks on one or both shoulder. The studies, which involved taking measurements of spinal angles and curvatures, found that wearing a backpack on just one shoulder increases upper back pain, lower back pain, spinal curvatures, and stress on the shoulders and neck.  What children do during the adolescent years can have a pronounced effect on

A few years ago, researchers set out to answer this question. Is one type of exercise better than another for improving bone mineral density? This study looked at how weight bearing exercise (that is, exercise where you bear your own weight, like running, as opposed to swimming, where your weight is supported by the water) compares with resistance exercise (that is, weights). Now we all know that weight

Studies involving thousands of children have proven a direct relationship between backpack weight and back pain; the heavier the backpack becomes, the more back pain children report feeling.  A 2010 study on 11 year olds has shown in great detail what effect a heavy backpack has on a child’s spine. Children were given an MRI scan without a backpack on, and then with a backpack on, and

Absolutely they can. More and more kids are using laptops, tablets and smart phones than ever before. The real problem is the LENGTH OF TIME that these devices are used. A little use here and there is fine, but with extended use comes fatigue, which causes slumping. And this can have lasting impacts on their posture and cause them injuries like "Gamers Thumb" or "Tech Neck". The

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