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According to a 2017 study, the answer is yes. Scientists found a SIGNIFICANT improvement in heart health when people performed a combination of aerobic exercise and yoga. The findings of the study were that "Heart disease patients who practice yoga in addition to aerobic exercise saw twice the reduction in blood pressure, body mass index and cholesterol levels". IN the study, people were put into 3 groups -

Kids exercise levels also have a huge impact on not just their health, but also their academic performance and behaviour. Articles published in 2012 in The New York Times and Scientific American both cite studies confirming that kids who are more physically active perform better academically.  Functional MRI scans have shown us why; the same parts of the brain are stimulated when kids exercise as when they

According to studies conducted over several decades, exercise during pregnancy has numerous benefits. One of these is a faster labour, less pain during labour, and less need for drugs. Numerous forms of exercise have been shown to help “improve the course of labour”. One study (Clapp 1990) found that women who exercised at or above 50% of their pre-pregnancy levels had shorter labours by an average of

Sanarte exists to make a better you. Paired with professional support we enable all people to have an active role in the self-management of their physical wellbeing.

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